About Yoink

Yoink is a startup of a team of professional developers active within the Java ecosystem. We value sustainability, craftsmanship, sharing and fun. Constant improvement lies at the heart of what we do.

Yoink sustainability

At Yoink we believe that sustainability should be the driving factor in any new endeavour. This has lead us to put sustainability at the top of our list of values. In every decision we look for the greener path to take. This manifests itself in the clients we invest in, the projects we work on and our choice to transport ourselves sustainably. Where there is no good alternative yet, we compensate potential environmental impact.

Last year's top actions:


Yoinkees have a wide range of expertises, in- and outside the Java and Open Source ecosystems.

Kubernetes Kafka Amazon Web Services Cassandra CockroachDB Spring Boot


Yoinkees like to share. We believe sharing of knowledge makes the world a better place. You can find us on meetups and conferences, or request an on-site workshop or training.

Jan-Hendrik Kuperus at JFall 2019 with the Master Your Tools talk

Master Your Tools @ JFall 2019

A laptop is to a developer what a toolbox is to a carpenter. This talk showcases ways to speed up a dev's workflow and inspires you to learn about the tools at your finger tips.

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Glasses with laptop symbolizing a training course

Training through OpenValue

Looking for a training on Kafka, Axon Framework, Microservices or any of the other hot topics out there? We provide instructor-led courses both online and on-site through our partner OpenValue and you can find the entire list of available courses at OpenValue.training.

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Jan Ouwens at Devoxx Belgium 2022 with the Don't Hack the Platform ☠️💣💥 talk

Don't Hack the Platform ☠️💣💥 @ Devoxx Belgium 2022

In 2022, Jan presented his tricks to hack the Java platform at Devoxx Belgium and created awareness of some of the lesser-known vulnerabilties of Java and the JVM.

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Jan-Hendrik Kuperus at AxonIQ 2020 with Pitfalls and Practical Solutions talk

AxonIQ 2020 Online Conference

At AxonIQ's 2020 conference, Jan-Hendrik presented his talk Pitfalls and Practical Solutions. It discusses real world issues with building and maintaining an Event Sourcing application.

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The team

Jan-Hendrik Kuperus, Founder & CEO

Jan-Hendrik 🌱

Paul Noorland, Java & Business Developer

Paul 🌱

Jan Ouwens, Senior Developer and Chief Conference Officer

Jan 🌱

Martijn Schlief, Senior Developer

Martijn 🌱

Jasper Kamerling, Java Developer

Jasper 🌱

Joey Bakker, Java Developer

Joey 🌱

Joost Groen, Java Developer

Joost 🌱

Claire Baars, Office Manager

Claire 🌱

Noah Jagnarain, Java Developer

Noah 🌱

Michiel Buijserd, Java Developer

Michiel 🌱

Reinout van Schouwen, Java Developer

Reinout 🌱

Jorich Delsink, Java Developer

Jorich 🌱

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